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MD COVID Clinic PLLC is pleased to offer FREE / ZERO OUT OF POCKET COST COVID testing for insured.

(NO surprise bills, NO cost sharing, NO balance billing, NO patient bills), for insured patients, in collaboration with Vital Options. Please note, to COME INSIDE SUITE D, you SHOULD NOT be in line for the trailer parked outside at the same address. If you prefer to stay in parking please let us know and text in Solvhealth. Since government is no longer going to cover COVID testing for uninsured, self pay rates will apply to uninsured patients. 

1. Please Book your Appointment here at Solvhealth

2. Fill up the information online, which takes just a few minutes.

3. Come to the the site and speak with our physician, Dr. Khan.

4. Get the sample collected.

5. Get your PCR results on your phone via secure text. 


  • RT-PCR test:  (Typically Next day results, 24-36 hr turn around, timeline cannot be guaranteed as sample goes to external lab). No cost for insured.

  • Rapid COVID-19 antigen test (5-15 min results, checks for Omicron as well)

  • COVID-19 antibody test (10-15 min results)

  • In-office RT-PCR test, 30 min results, report in 1 hour: ✈️Travel friendly (Depending upon supply, currently AVAILABLE. Due to costly in-office set-up, available on self pay only. QR code provided on report. CLIA# provided, retreivable on CDC website.

    • $100 per patient (cash or via Zelle, $103 on card)​

  • Return to work / school recommended to be obtained by the Primary Care Physician. However it can be provided on a case to base basis, if requested. 

  • For travel to Japan, special form can be filled out only if requested in advance and if ample time is provided. Cannot be provided on an urgent basis. 


    • Rapid Antigen Test: $35  ($50 for computerized report with QR code)

    • RT-PCR test: $100 (cash or via Zelle, $103 on card)

    • Antibody test: $45

Please note that there is zero out of pocket cost for the insured patients. In case of private / commercial insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, the lab as well as the providers (Dr. Khan and associates) under Vital Options PLLC in collaboration with MD COVID Clinic PLLC) will bill them. In case of no coverage, patient will still not be charged for the test or for the provider visit. Patient does not need to have insurance or a referral to schedule the test. 
You should not get a bill from MD COVID Clinic PLLC, Vital Options PLLC but in case you do, please reach out to us at or call us at 469-505-5000

Covid 19

1601 W University Dr

Suite D

McKinney TX 75094

Ph: (469) 505-5000

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